A message from the RMIA President

The most recent RMIA Board meeting took place in Melbourne on 26 July. The Board has worked hard to consolidate the work of recent years, and to set a clear and renewed focus on the achievables for our future as a community and as an organisation. I am writing to bring you up to date on the key outcomes from this investment and effort.

Mission Statement

The RMIA’s mission continues to set the direction and tone for everything we do. Our mission statement is “Better Decisions. Better Outcomes.”


The RMIA’s vision is to ensure that our members are recognised as the best in the risk industry and are fulfilling leadership roles at all levels across the organisations that they serve.


Perhaps most importantly, the RMIA’s purpose is to:

*   Deliver recognised risk management certification, education and professional development.
*   Facilitate collaboration within the Australasian and global risk management communities.
*   Advocate and influence the advancement of risk management.


In order to properly fulfil these obligations to our membership, the board has worked hard to articulate a strategy to achieve a high calibre of outcomes.

Most importantly, the company will be built on a foundation of financial sustainability. Financial sustainability for us means long term viability of the RMIA, a balance between value and membership fees, the effective financial governance and risk management of the organisation, and appropriate and maintained facilities. We will continue to ensure the RMIA achieves a high return on our investment of our resources. We will capitalise on our active, satisfied sponsors and we will achieve a balanced ROI for our events.

Building on our financial sustainability, we have renewed our commitment to volunteer and staff engagement. As an organisation we are indebted to the time, expertise and contributions of our members and for their personal contributions to the risk community made and as such we are committed to the enhancement of our volunteer recognition scheme.  To support our volunteers we will endeavour to attract and retain the best staff to drive better membership services and support to industry. We are reviewing our member induction processes, committed to staff and volunteer development, succession planning, performance management and good governance.

These foundation elements provide the basis and building blocks for the organisation to execute and deliver on our fundamental strategies focused on both:
·         Thought leadership and professional development; and
·         Member and stakeholder engagement.

Thought leadership and professional development will position us as leaders and curators of brisk and informed commentary, insights, debate and ideas. We are able to expand into this arena as a result of best practice resources, our professional certification processes, quality education courses and the continuing industry improvement.

Our member and stakeholder engagement comes about as a result of meaningful and beneficial member connections, inclusive events, active mentoring, together with engaged and ongoing online communities. We survey and engage with our members and regularly take stock of member satisfaction, which in turn feeds into our industry recognition, reputation and brand visibility. We continue to commit to ensuring we deliver quality and timely communications with our networks and provide members with the best possible support and resources for their development.


We are encouraged and inspired particularly in light of the development of the organisation over recent times with continued growth in member numbers, course endorsements, accreditation enrollments, commercial partnerships, sponsorship income, member feedback and reputational growth. The Board is committed to these values and the mission and we hope you are too.

Your engagement and support will ensure that the RMIA continued commitment to being the most valued and respected risk body in the Asia Pacific region is successful.

Kind regards,

Anthony Ventura

RMIA President