RMIA Endorsed Courses

Endorsement is a formal way of having a course or courses, the organisation delivers, formally endorsed by the RMIA indicating that the RMIA accepts it as a course/qualification that will enable an individual who completes the course to apply for one of the three levels of Professional Certification. It is also a way of the RMIA indicating to members or potential members that the organisation delivering an endorsed course meet RMIA requirements and is suitable to use for Professional Development. Endorsement brings benefits to not only the RMIA but also the organisation and their students/participants. It can also be a means for other partnerships. The RMIA is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and does not develop and deliver courses in its own right and looks to forming partnerships with organisations who are accredited.

For more information on partnering with the RMIA to Endorse your organisation's course in Risk Management, please download the RMIA Endorsed Course Program - Criteria

Contact us via email ceo@rmia.org.au or via phone on 02 9095 2500 to commence the Endorsed Course Provider process.