In this workshop you will be given a nine-step process for building a tribe of risk champions. The result will be a tribe of advocates influencing business leaders which in turn will strengthen your partnership with each business unit and will help you to lead sustainable growth.

This workshop is for

Risk professionals tasked with developing staff in non-risk management roles within operating business units


Bryan Whitefield, CCRO

Course Overview

The key principle of risk management is that it creates and protects value. It creates value through helping the business to take the right risks for the right reasons.

The problem is that risk management, and risk professionals by default, often suffer from perceptions of risk as being a handbrake on business. An expensive impost. The result is the business is not listening and your job is much harder as a result.

If you are experiencing this phenomenon, you are not alone. Even the most senior risk professionals in our industry have had to deal with these perceptions. And the most successful have this skill – tribe building. They have learnt how to develop a team of risk champions that work across the organisation turning avoiders or agnostics into advocates. Once you have enough advocates across the business it is like you have grown fifty arms and fifty legs. Your message is being preached even when you are not there.

It's just like how product marketers work with social media. They aim to have as many prominent people as possible talking favourably about their product. The result for them is increased sales. The result for you is more considered risk-based decision making across your organisation.

And here is the thing. Tribe building is a skill that can be learned. And this course will provide you with a formula for doing so. So, stop fighting recalcitrants and start developing champions!


Format of the Course

One-day face-to-face interactive workshop with ample time to participate, share and network

Learning Objectives

1. How to convince senior leaders of the value of a risk champion in their team.

2. The key to selecting the most appropriate candidates from the business.

3. How to design an effective training workshop for your risk champions.

4. The principles of building long-term collaboration.


Part One: Buy in and Selection

Gaining Senior Management Buy-in

Selecting Risk Champions

Managing Expectations

Part Two: Workshop Design

Core Elements of Effective Risk Champions Training

Designing the Program

Running the Program

Part Three: Post-Workshop Collaboration

The Principles of Collaboration

Designing and Engagement Program

Implementing an Engagement Program

Further details can be found within the course brochure. 

Event Details:

Date: 12 February 2020

Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Location: Melbourne CBD, exact location TBC


Members: $1725

Non Members: $2399

CPD Points: 12