THE BENEFITS OF RISK MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATIONS   Stand out from the Crowd   Certifications demonstrate your willingness as a candidate to take the extra mile, and do more than just your job. It shows you have earned the recognition of your profession through initiative, currency of knowledge, ability and determination.    Show Your Value Through… Read more »

This week we caught up with Kate Hughes, Chief Risk Officer, Telstra, who spoke with us about the differences in Risk Management between public and private sector organisations. Kate will be a Keynote speaker on day one of the RMIA National Conference. Your keynote will outline the Difference in Risk Management Between Public and Private Sector Organisations. Are you able to… Read more »

This week we caught up with Christopher Mackinnon, Lloyds General Representative in Australia talk with us about understanding emerging risk and risk management. Christopher will be a Keynote speaker on day one of the RMIA National Conference. Your keynote will outline the Understanding Emerging Risk. Are you able to outline one or two of currently emerging risks for… Read more »

The most recent RMIA Board meeting took place in Melbourne on 26 July. The Board has worked hard to consolidate the work of recent years, and to set a clear and renewed focus on the achievables for our future as a community and as an organisation. I am writing to bring you up to date… Read more »

                        When mid-level managers don’t support their organisation’s risk culture there’s danger ahead, as these examples from our casebook show . Is Risk Culture Organisation-wide? When we work with organisations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their risk culture their employees often raise… Read more »

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