Members who apply will be required to complete the CPRM® Examination.

These are the application steps:

  1. Download and complete the RMIA CPRM® Application for Certification Examination.
  2. Email the completed application and supporting documents to
  3. The RMIA will ensure it has all the information necessary for your application, and then the Professional Development Committee assessment panel will review your application. The assessment panel may contact you during this process.
  4. When your application is approved you will be sent an invoice for 'CPRM Application'. The CPRM® Examination Application Fee is $330.00 and includes CPRM® certification for one year from the date of passing the CPRM® Examination. The CPRM® Examination Application Fee is non-refundable. If your application is declined, we will ask for any additional information needed for approval.
  5. On receipt payment you will have one year from the invoice date to complete any study required and to sit for the exam.
  6. Please advise the RMIA via within that 12 month period, when you are ready to be enrolled for the examination. You will have 3 months from the date of enrolment in the examination to complete it. The examination is online and can be completed at any time and location.

Results of the CPRM® Examination are final. A pass in the CPRM® Examination is required in order to be awarded CPRM® certification. Your Certification can be downloaded immediately when you pass the examination and is valid for one year.

Following the first year of CPRM® certification, an annual renewal fee of $240.00 is payable. Certification is valid for RMIA Members only.

Under genuine extenuating circumstances approved by RMIA, once enrolled you may change the date of your CPRM® Examination once only. If you do not undertake the CPRM® Examination on the second occasion, your application will be cancelled and your CPRM® Examination Application Fee forfeited. You will need to complete a new application.