eRMIA: WA Chapter Webinar - Returning to The New Normal (1/07/2020 AM)

9:30am Wednesday, 1 July 2020
10:30am Wednesday, 1 July 2020
Chapter Event

Join the RMIA WA Chapter for a Live Webinar on Returning to The New Normal.

The last few months have been incredibly challenging for industries and organisations, as they navigate their way through COVID-19.

Everyone has been impacted and some industries and organisations have been left severely exposed, whilst others have done comparatively well. The obvious question is “Why?”

Why has there been such a large degree of variations between organisations in both their responses to, and success during, the COVID-19 pandemic?

In this webinar we will explore this question in detail, including the role that risk management has played in navigating organisations through these uncertain times, as well as the key challenges going forward. We will discuss how risk management can support organisations returning to the new normal.

This Webinar will be facilitated by WA Chapter President Ben Johnson.


Kevin Smout - Partner, Risk Strategy & Technology and Global Leader for Governance, Risk & Assurance Services at KPMG Australia.

Kevin Smout

Kevin’s key focus is using technology to support bringing strategy and risk together. He has experience as CFO of a large corporate infrastructure business and has spent 25 years working with his client’s C-Level and boards providing Governance, Risk and Assurance services across global, national and local clients. His experience covers large listed entities through to private and not-for-profit clients. His sector experience in the assurance space was primarily focused on the financial service and mining sectors with his risk and governance work across health, education and government.

Jason Smith – Chief Executive Officer at RMIA

Jason Smith is the CEO of the RMIA, and an experienced Chief Risk Officer in Financial Services with over 15 years experience in risk and compliance functions. Jason has both lived and worked in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and as a Chief Risk Officer and Risk Management Executive, he has been accountable for working in almost all Asian and Pacific Markets, bringing a global view to risk during this pandemic.

TIME:  9:30am – 10:30am WST Wednesday, 1 July 2020


LOCATION:  Online via Zoom  


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