NSW Chapter - Risky Business: Taking the mystery out of risk management culture

6:00pm Sunday, 14 October 2018
7:45pm Sunday, 14 October 2018
Chapter Event

A positive risk culture starts at the top. Demonstrated executive commitment and behaviour sets the scene for what staff members do, and encourages everyone in the organisation to appropriately manage risk as part of their normal thinking, behaviour, and actions.

 Join us for an informative presentation on “The Challenges of Embedding a Positive Risk Culture” by our Risk Management Professional - Yas Wickramasekera, followed by an interactive and enlightening panel discussion on “What Keeps You Awake at Night?”  

Event Details

Date: 14 October 2019

Time: 6 pm - 7:45 pm

Location: TBC 

Pricing: Free 

Get to know your Speakers & Panelists


Yas Wickramasekera - General Manager, Specialist Sectors -Key Speaker

Yas has over 24 years’ experience in the risk, audit and compliance sectors having worked with state and local government. She also has a strong legal professional background having graduated from The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn / Inns of Court School Of Law in London and was admitted to the Bar. Most recently, she managed the Risk and Assurance functions for various Councils in NSW. Yas is passionate about her work and for ensuring that Centium delivers the highest levels of service and business improvements to our clients.

Dr Stephen James - Senior Partner - Panelist 

He is recognised as the “godfather” of cyber security in Australia and pioneered the industry. Stephen has advised all levels of government, military and defence sites, law enforcement and emergency services, banking and insurance entities, the healthcare sector, manufacturing organisations, utilities and the entertainment industry around the world, including the United Nations. Stephen holds a wealth of tertiary qualifications and industry certifications including those in ISO 9000, ISO 31000, ISO 14000, ISO 27001, the IIA’s CRMA and more. He has held many high profile operational roles across private and public sectors and brings a wealth of hands-on experience to Centium’s clients

Phil O'Toole - Senior Partner - Panelist

Phil O’Toole is a Centium Senior Partner, having previously been a Director at the IAB for over 14 years. He has either personally undertaken or overseen a wide range of investigations, risk management assessments, business improvement reviews and compliance audits for numerous NSW State & Local Government agencies. He currently manages and provides direction to a large team of highly qualified and experienced staff and specialist advisers in delivering these services. 

Roy Cottam - Director, Ethical Conduct & Investigations - Panelist

Roy is an executive with over 25 year’s experience in Anti- Corruption Ethical Conduct, Fraud Prevention, Forensic Investigations professional practice. He has extensive experience leading complex investigations at international, national and local levels. Roy has held a number of senior positions in state and local government. Roy is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia (GIA) and supports the Australian wide governance network by speaking at professional events and contributing to national training initiatives. Roy has worked closely with the NSW ICAC and NSW Ombudsman, together with a number of federal oversight agencies.

Varun Batra - Director, IT & Information Management - Panelist

Over the years, Varun's career has evolved across the domains of Core IT projects, Business Operations Change and Transformation and most recently into Cyber Security compliance . Functionally too, he has been privileged with breadth of experience starting my career in Sales and Delivery Management, moving in to Process reengineering and Operations transformation and now for the last few years leading Cyber Security and Compliance programs.

Penny Corkill - Director, State Government - Panelist

Penny is one of Centium’s Practice Managers and has extensive experience across the NSW State, NSW Health and Local Government sectors. She is a highly experienced, qualified internal auditor with strong communication and relationship-building skills. She is also well-practiced in identifying risks, reviewing controls, developing and reviewing ERM frameworks, and recommending business process improvements. Penny previously worked as a consultant for Centium and its predecessor, IAB Services, where she successfully delivered internal audits for over 30 public sector agencies over a 12 year period. 

Lisa Sampson - Director, Local Government - Panelist

Lisa is an experienced social systems architect and entrepreneur. Her experience spans local and state government operations, higher education, the not for profit sector (disability services, community mental health, the arts, environmental and multicultural services sectors), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and private industry. She has extensive experience in regulatory framework development and compliance, commercialisation across the project lifecycle (from idea to execution), mergers and amalgamations (pre, during and post-merger), strategic brand building, publicity, marketing and communications.



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