QLD Chapter Session 2 Webinar - Is Risk Management Adding Value to Your Organisation? Could it Add More and If So, How?

12:30pm Wednesday, 5 October 2022
1:30pm Wednesday, 5 October 2022
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QLD Chapter Webinar - Is Risk Management Adding Value to Your Organisation? Could it Add More and If So, How?

Join the Queensland Chapter President, Jeremy Kidner and Guest Speaker Gavin Halling from Risk Tools for the second presentation in the series on risk management and adding value to your organisation, this will be followed by a short Q&A at the end. 


About Event 

Over 20+ years of consulting in risk management we have had successes and failures, indeed we have also had some successes then failures which is even more frustrating. There are three consistent reasons for this:
•    Inefficient process
•    Inappropriate toolsets
•    The loss of an internal risk champion
The result: three webinars to address each of the above.

  1. Efficient processes are critical for any user so only data essential to risk management should be required. Risk processes in most organisations are inefficient so be prepared to be challenged!
  2. Integration is a common element in ISO 31000’s Principles, Framework, and Process. Integration requires an appropriate toolset. Like processes, tools must be efficient and help users effectively manage their risks. Be prepared to not only throw away spreadsheets but reflect on toolsets you may have or are considering.
  3. Risk champions inevitably move on, and reduced advocacy can quickly diminish risk management effectiveness. Several steps can be taken to lock in a champion’s good work and provide measurable value.


About Guest Speaker

Gavin Halling, Director at Risk Tools


Gavin works with executive and support managers to help them ensure risk management adds value to their organisation. This includes enabling them to derive the information they require from a risk management system that enables better informed and more timely decisions.

After working in and with project teams for over 40 years Gavin's experience has enabled him to hone a system where anyone, regardless of their starting point, can have an uncomplicated, efficient, effective, integrated and measurable risk management system.

Gavin is passionate about leveraging the benefits of this key management function.


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TIME/DATE: 12.30pm-1.30pm AEST (UTC + 10:00 Brisbane Timezone) on Wednesday, 5 October 2022

LOCATION: Online via Zoom

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