The COVID-19 pandemic has since led to massive socio-economic disruption, including widespread societal fear, supply shortages and economic instability. Whether it be from an overarching business management and business strategy perspective or from integrated and Enterprise Risk Management perspective – COVID-19 is proving to be one of the most globally significant pressure tests of organisational, community and individual resilience in our modern history.

Whilst it may be difficult to predict exactly what the longer-term future may hold for us as an outcome of this crisis, the RMIA has amassed global thought leaders to assist you in thinking through how to continue to navigate your way through and ultimately ‘bounce back’ with even greater resilience from this crisis. Whether it be considering economic impacts and ramifications; supply chain management; dealing with cyber security risks; enterprise and operational risk management; business continuity and enterprise resilience - this series of 20 plus webinars will arm you with the complete set of knowledge that you and your organisation will need to survive and then thrive into the new normal.


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