Expression of Interest – Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

RMIA’s Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (FARC) is seeking a member of RMIA to join their committee. In accordance with the FARC charter, an existing member of the RMIA is required to provide balance to the activities and decision making of the committee. This is a voluntary position with an opportunity for a RMIA member to get involved with the stewardship of their Association.

The Committee meets approximately 5 times per year via tele conference and is responsible for:

A.      Reviewing and monitoring the integrity of RMIA consolidated financial reporting and statements;

B.      Reviewing and overseeing systems of risk management, internal control and regulatory compliance;

C.      Reviewing the adequacy of the RMIA’s corporate reporting processes;

D.      Overseeing the process for identifying significant risks facing the RMIA and implementing

appropriate and adequate control, monitoring and reporting mechanisms;

E.       Review, on at least a quarterly basis, the financial performance of RMIA against the Board approved budget; and

F.       Monitoring RMIA’s culture to gauge how it is aligned with conduct consistent with sound and

effective corporate governance principles and risk management.


FARC is seeking a current financial member of RMIA with professional qualifications and/ or extensive experience in risk management.  If you are interested in joining this committee please contact Tony Dudley (, Chair, FARC, in the first instance with a brief summary of qualifications and experience.