Important news from the RMIA

Last week at the RMIA’s national conference Bryan Whitefield announced his retirement from his position as the President of our organisation, after a period of almost three years. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Anthony Ventura as our new RMIA President.

The RMIA National Office, our Board, committee members and membership wish Bryan the very best as he steps down after making a tremendous contribution both to the RMIA and to the risk community.

RMIA Message from the new President Anthony Ventura

I joined the Board in May 2013, for the sole purpose of returning the RMIA to prominence again following many years of uncertainty. At the same time, I was joined by Bryan Whitefield who was equally passionate and determined to ensure the re-emergence of the RMIA as a credible and sustainable association, driving value and fighting for the ongoing development of the risk professional. Our journey together thus far has begun to deliver the platform and resources for a sustainable and successful organisation.antonyspeech1

Bryan has led the current Board over the last two and a half years that has overseen the upward trend in membership, chapter participation and the establishment of the RMIA office and team. Can I take this opportunity to congratulate Bryan on his successful tenure as RMIA President and wish him all the best for his future endeavours. As mentioned in my address at the RMIA conference Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, Bryan has led this Board with passion and integrity, developing a platform for our long-term future.

I am excited and thankful for the opportunity of taking on the RMIA Presidency and continuing the journey that we have begun together with our extremely talented and experienced members of the Board and our dedicated and passionate Management team led by Suzanne Cureton. Our established Risk 20/20 strategy provides the fundamental building blocks and roadmap for success. We will continue to deliver on our initiatives of the core pillars of:

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Thought Leadership and Professional Development
  • Member and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Staff and Volunteer Engagement

It was great to be amongst the 340 strong RMIA community at the National Conference and watch all the delegates, sponsors and speakers having fun collaborating, sharing ideas and experiences and most importantly catching up with old friends. Bringing together a diverse range of people to talk risk and network regularly is critical to building on the energy and enthusiasm from the conference to ensure 2016 continues our success.

The Board and I look forward to continuing to role up our sleeves to drive this organisation forward, and to ensure that the RMIA is positively supporting the risk community.

A Message from Outgoing President Bryan Whitefield

I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words as outgoing President after fulfilling the role for two and a half years.

I believe this is optimum timing for a change of leadership on the Board. Over my time as President the RMIA re-established its presence in the industry. We are again experiencibryanfarewellng membership growth and together with our long-term sponsors and new strategic partnerships, we now have a solid platform to deliver for our members and for the risk profession as a whole.

Our normal process is that a change of leadership occurs following the AGM which is required after our financial year end of 31 December. However, in the lead up to the National Conference and Exhibition, I proposed to the Board that our best succession plan would be to have a change of President earlier. Our annual strategic goals and budgets are due to be completed and signed off by December and a change in leadership now will ensure the new team sets ambitious yet achievable targets.  In addition, the largest gathering of our tribe is at the National Conference and Exhibition and its Gala Dinner and Awards night was a perfect time for the handover. Plus, my successor Anthony Ventura was ready, willing and able to take on the role and we have a highly competent board.

I will complete my directorship on the board through to the AGM in May 2016 so as to ensure a smooth transition of President, strategic goals and budgets.

Some may say I am crazy to step down now… after all we have come through, it should be a time to enjoy the fruits of our labour. However, there is still much to do if we wish to fulfil our vision to prove the value proposition of risk management and hence it’s time for a change in leadership, for new blood, for new ideas, for new energy.

Anthony Ventura has worked alongside me as Vice President and I commend him for taking on the challenge of building from our platform. Anthony is very passionate about the RMIA and what it represents. Along with what proved to me to be an outstanding Board to serve on, I am confident Anthony will work with Suzanne Cureton and her team in the National Office to deliver on a very bright future for you, our members.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to Anthony for his support during my time as President and I wish him great success. As for Suzanne and her staff, I cannot thank you enough for delivering against great odds. I will remember your support always.

To the volunteers that worked on the Board, Chapters, committees, events and the conference, without you, none of what we have achieved was possible.

And finally to each and every one of you, our members, thank you for the opportunity to serve this wonderful community. I wish you all the very best.