The ACT Chapter provides ACT public and private sector professionals interested in risk management opportunities to connect, particularly on areas of interest to the nation and the ACT, and to learn about developments in the risk management profession and leading practices. Its 2018-2019 focus is on establishing a series of monthly events to provide a regular, ongoing mechanism for the ACT risk management community to connect.
The ACT Chapter’s current President is Josh Parker. Josh is a Manager in EY’s Risk team. His interests include include program and project risk management, and integrated governance, risk and compliance technology solutions.
The ACT Chapter’s most recent events included a:

  • Minimising space risks information session and networking - This session provided information on how all organisations can practically manage their near-term space risks on your organisation. It provided an understanding of the near term space risks facing organisations such as satellite disruption and coronal mass ejections.
  • Risk Odyssey Unconference - An unconference is an innovative, participant-driven meeting featuring open discussions. This unconference format enabled discussion topics to be selected by participants and involved topics as wide ranging as risk management technology, cross-jurisdictional risk and risk management driven innovation.   

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