The VIC Chapter of the RMIA currently consists of nine members; Pete Gervasoni, Olivia Johnston,  Bree Mclennan, Frank LoMonaco, Simon Doherty, Anthony Browne, Michaela Boucher, Stephanie Gribusts and the Chapter President, Daniel Atkin. Together we have a range of professional qualifications and 50+ years of Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit experience across a range of industries and geographies. The committee is a vibrant, friendly and welcoming team and we are always keen for new members to join the committee – please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call for any enquiries.
The VIC Chapter runs a series of events designed to bring value to our members through informative and interactive sessions. Our events are intended to promote positive thinking and insights to bring back to the workplace. We also encourage the opportunity for active networking, and a having a bit of fun while we’re at it. Our biggest event, the Risk Odyssey Forum, is a full day event held in July. In 2018, our Odyssey was Taking on Risk in 2018... and Beyond. We had an array of incredible speakers from across government and the private sector, and some interactive activities which made for a truly entertaining, engaging and informative event. Our year end events like to take a different approach; as per our November 2017 event at Sovereign Hill. That’s right, we went back in time to perform an assessment on the risks and hazards faced in the gold rush era. And we looked the part too – who would have thought that fancy dress and risk management could ever go hand-in-hand?
We also seek to partner and collaborate with other local professional groups, most recently the Safety Institute of Australia (Debate on the importance of Risk versus Safety) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (The Integration of Risk and Audit in 2018) to bring an even broader range of thinking and value to our members. We are looking forward to co-hosting more partnership events in the next year and beyond. If you are interested in enquiring about hosting a joint event, please contact us.
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