Looking back: The Ballarat Victorian Chapter Regional Event- Risk and Collaboration

Submitted by Belinda Olejniczak


For members that attended the Regional Victorian RMIA Chapter ‘Risk and Collaboration’ event held in Ballarat, care of the City of Ballarat Council;  there was no doubt  that our members walked away with valuable and applicable insights on Risk and Collaboration.

Tony Abraham,  Chief Compliance Officer & Chief Security Officer for Toll Group, took our members through the importance of Collaboration when working with a global compliance, risk and security remit, including a global network of suppliers. Tony was able to guide us through the importance of ‘ Collaborate to Mitigate’ against material business and organisational risks. Tony was also able to share with us many a lesson learnt when it comes to Collaboration in particular-:ego is useless, abandon it quickly; clearly articulate who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted & Informed, be prepared to compromise quickly, focus on what counts, collaborate with those who can make it happen and finally remember the social contract –when risk is considered in that context then genuine collaboration is the most effective approach


Samantha Buckis, Manager Technical Policy, Road Safety, shared her wealth of knowledge from working with the Transport Accident Commission in road safety and how risk and collaboration has been an intrinsic element of the implementation of Towards Zero initiatives (focusing on improvements to roads, people and speeds). Samantha also took us on the journey of earlier road initiatives including the compulsory wearing of seatbelts, drink driving campaigns, approaches to improving roads and passenger safety and how road safety, including focused campaigns has progressed over the years. There is much work to get towards zero and it all starts with increasingawareness.

Hisham Moustafa, Senior Risk Adviser Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) took members through the management of interagency programs and risk across government departments.   Hisham took us through the preferred approach and framework that requires the sharing of objectives and dependencies across government agencies to collaborate, contribute and commit to the identification, mitigation and ongoing management of interagency risks. The key challenge as with any risk, is identifying the correct owner and who is accountable for interagency risk management.

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