Course Overview

The art and science of risk workshop facilitation is a skill every risk professional needs to develop. Why? Because helping the business to make sense of their world is the best opportunity for you to provide value and to be invited to give your advice 5 to 10 times more than you may be currently.

However, getting the business to look forward to their next risk workshop is not as easy as it sounds. Why? Because risk assessment takes time, but everyone is busy. The business is busy running the business and feel they have too many urgent demands to consider what they see as hypotheticals.

You are busy too and often have little time to prepare for a workshop. And if you are underprepared it is likely the business will be underwhelmed. There are decision makers in industry that run in the opposite direction at the mention of a risk workshop because of past poor experiences.

This course is for risk professionals seeking mastery in risk workshop facilitation. To move beyond mechanical processes for collecting a list of risks. You will learn how to facilitate workshops that will provide insights to the business so they can make better sense of their world. As a result, you will be more valued, more trusted, and will be invited to provide your advice before decisions are made.

In this workshop you will be given a process for preparing for engaging workshops, shown techniques for facilitating effective conversations and be introduced to a range of tools to provide insights to the business so they can make better sense of their world.

Format of the Course

- One-day face-to-face interactive workshop with ample time to participate, share and network

Learning Objectives

1. How to prepare for a workshop to maximise the value delivered to participants.

2. Understand the key to an engaging workshop no matter the participants, the location or the time available.

3. Learn how to deliver strong insights to decision makers before, during and after the workshop.

4. Experience the value of key tools and techniques for managing politics, bias and difficult people.


One: Preparation

Objectives – Context and scope

Team – Politics, culture and capability

Facility – Optimising and working with constraints

Analysis – Tools and techniques to provide insights

Two: Facilitation

Framing – Introducing, confirming and clarifying

Conversations – Initiating, guiding and ending

Tipping points – Navigating dominance, bias and silence

Collation – Priorities, breadth and depth

Three: Post-Mortem

Objectives check – Alignment with values and goals

Reality check – Fact check, resource check, pub-test check


Pricing: (including GST)

Members: $1,725.00

Non Members: $2,300.00

CPD Points: 12


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