Cyber Engineering Community of Practice









Authors:   ​Sheryl Harrington, National Manager Learned Society, Engineers Australia
Kiri Robbie, Lead Member Engagement, Engineers Australia

Cyber Engineering is a cross disciplinary challenge relevant to every field of engineering which requires a cross disciplinary approach.   It incorporates computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics in designing, developing and implementing secure network solutions to defend against cyber attacks.  

Engineers Australia recognises that Cyber Engineering is a fast-changing field of engineering and the world of cyber is evolving every day.   There’s a real need to bring together cyber engineers and cyber professionals to build the body of knowledge, share ideas, develop skills and network with likeminded professional.  To facilitate this, we are launching a Cyber Engineering Community of Practice in Octoberand it is hoped that anyone working in, or with an interest in, cyber engineering will get engaged with the Community.  It will cover self defence, passive defence, active defence and everything from cyber security through to cyber operations.

We believe that Cyber security is too narrow a view of the cyber profession.  There are engineers working in cyber operations as well as engineers contributing to the cyber resilience of industry, government and indeed the nation as well as cyber security.  Cyber Engineering, as mentioned above, is multi-disciplinary and covers everything from Australia’s power grid, to medical devices, to sensitive workplace data, personal identifiable information and indeed your mobile telephone.       

The Australian Government is leading the way with its recent budget announcement of 37.7 million for the Dept of Science, Energy and Resources to support industry and academia to develop innovative approaches to improve cyber skills and workforce.  This will ensure that Australia is well placed to address the protection of critical and emerging technologies.  The Community of Practice is also hoping to engage with other associations and societies that also have a leading role in this space to develop a comprehensive cyber engineering body of knowledge.

Some of the benefits of joining the community include a Forum for general cyber discussions as well as “Ask a question from the Defence Information Warfare Division”.  Membership is complimentary and will provide you with links to cyber webinars, podcasts, conferences, publications, and latest news stories.   You don’t need to be a member of Engineers Australia to join, anyone with an interest in Cyber Engineering is welcome.  Until the end of 2021, all members will be able to access selected webinars at the same rate as Engineers Australia members, of which the majority are complimentary.  

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