Training Partnership Announcement | RMIA and Risk 2 Solution (R2S)

Training Partnership Announcement 

Dr Gavriel Schneider and Risk 2 Solution (R2S) are no strangers to the RMIA. Their efforts in pushing the boundaries of risk thinking are renowned in the Australasian region. The quality of their programs is second to none. The chance to bring together quality educators and innovative thinking is an exciting development for the RMIA. We are proud to present this unique Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and skills package to the risk community in Australasia.
After years of teaching the Psychology of risk, researching, and developing our award winning Presilience Approach to risk, which enabled us to make the prestigious AFR top 10 most innovative awards 2021 list, Risk 2 Solution Group are thrilled to partner with the RMIA to bring you the next generation of programs integrating Risk, Leadership and High performance with two streams of focus, namely executive and practitioner.
We have put together an incredible suite of nationally recognised qualifications (Skills program, Grad Cert and Grad Dip) that will truly provide the knowledge, skills and understanding of how to lead, manage and make great decisions in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world that has now become the new normal. Our unique approach integrates the very best aspects of Compliance, Resilience and Presilience to enable personal, team and organisational sustained high performance. Whether you are looking for new hacks to do more with less or simply to validate your knowledge and experience our delivery options (including RPL) make it easy.
Dr Gavriel Schneider and Risk 2 Solution (R2S) Team
We look forward to seeing you on one of our programs, click here to see available courses.