Australian Capital Territory

Chapter President: Dannya Hu




The ACT Chapter provides ACT public and private sector professionals interested in risk management opportunities to connect, particularly on areas of interest to the nation and the ACT, and to learn about developments in the risk management profession and leading practices. Its 2018-2019 focus is on establishing a series of monthly events to provide a regular, ongoing mechanism for the ACT risk management community to connect.
The ACT Chapter’s current President is Dannya Hu. Dannya is Director at the Noetic Group. She has worked across the federal Government and private sectors, in both large and small organisations, helping them imprve their risk culture, developing and facilitating risk training, creatin clear and concise risk reporting to Senior management. Dannya belives that risk management is about changing people, not documents and that the approach for 'good' risk management will look different depening on your role and field. 

The ACT Chapter’s most recent events included a:

  • Minimising space risks information session and networking - This session provided information on how all organisations can practically manage their near-term space risks on your organisation. It provided an understanding of the near term space risks facing organisations such as satellite disruption and coronal mass ejections.
  • Risk Odyssey Unconference - An unconference is an innovative, participant-driven meeting featuring open discussions. This unconference format enabled discussion topics to be selected by participants and involved topics as wide ranging as risk management technology, cross-jurisdictional risk and risk management driven innovation.


New South Wales

Chapter President: Nafeesa Aziz




The NSW Chapter aims to supplement the member value proposition offered by the National Office and to enhance the risk management profession in NSW through a serious of events over the coming year. This year the NSW Chapter will continue to grow on the success of last year’s activities and events by delivering:


  • A “Women in Risk” event to co-inside with International Women’s Day.
  • 4 or 5 speaker events on topical issues
  • Several social/networking events

The NSW Chapter president is Nafeesa Aziz, who has conducted extensive work in Assurance and Enterprise Risk Management at an extremely high level within Australasia and South Africa



Chapter President: Donna Spethman




The RMIA Queensland Chapter is committed to providing networking and professional development opportunities for its members. With a combination of events and informal networking functions, Queensland members will have more chance to connect with industry professionals, risk colleagues and friends in 2019.  

Your Queensland chapter committee

President: Donna Spethman

Committee members: Jeremy Kidner and Wendi Watkins

If you are interested in hosting a Queensland Chapter event or to be a part of the committee, contact Donna Spethman for more information.


South Australia/Northern Territory

Chapter President: Elise Nisbet




The SA/NT Chapter is proud to represent the ‘heart’ of Australia’s risk professionals. We aim to collaborate with an integrated and motivated community of risk practitioners through targeted events on specific risk issues that impact our State. Locally engaged, with acute industry awareness, our past events have included Business Continuity Planning in a ‘post-blackout’ space and using behavioural economics to sell your risk message. Our Risk Odyssey is a keynote annual event, in addition to our Women in Risk event which showcases the many talents and achievements of female risk practitioners. The SA/NT Chapter also hosts a variety of informal events to ensure all our members can network, engage and share their risk journey.
The SA/NT Chapter Executive is comprised from a cross-section of industries, including local government, state government, banking and financial services, not-for-profit, insurance and consulting.
Our 2019 Chapter Committee Members are:

  • Elise Nisbet (P)
  • Trudy Minett (S)
  • Scott Carn
  • Brenda Head
  • Bernie Davis
  • Sherie Walczak
  • James Sheridan (NT)
  • Graeme Lipsham

Come join us at one of our 2019 events!



Chapter President: Robert Grant


Chapter President: Daniel Atkin




The VIC Chapter of the RMIA currently consists of nine members; Pete Gervasoni, Olivia Johnston, Bree Mclennan, Frank LoMonaco, Simon Doherty, Anthony Browne, Michaela Boucher, and Chapter President Daniel Atkin. Together we have a range of professional qualifications and 50+ years of Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit experience across a range of industries and geographies. The committee is a vibrant, friendly and welcoming team and we are always keen for new members to join the committee – please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call for any enquiries.
The VIC Chapter runs a series of events designed to bring value to our members through informative and interactive sessions. Our events are intended to promote positive thinking and insights to bring back to the workplace. We also encourage the opportunity for active networking, and a having a bit of fun while we’re at it. Our biggest event, the Risk Odyssey Forum, is a full day event held in July. In 2018, our Odyssey was Taking on Risk in 2018... and Beyond. We had an array of incredible speakers from across government and the private sector, and some interactive activities which made for a truly entertaining, engaging and informative event. Our year end events like to take a different approach; as per our November 2017 event at Sovereign Hill. That’s right, we went back in time to perform an assessment on the risks and hazards faced in the gold rush era. And we looked the part too – who would have thought that fancy dress and risk management could ever go hand-in-hand?
We also seek to partner and collaborate with other local professional groups, most recently the Safety Institute of Australia (Debate on the importance of Risk versus Safety) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (The Integration of Risk and Audit in 2018) to bring an even broader range of thinking and value to our members. We are looking forward to co-hosting more partnership events in the next year and beyond. If you are interested in enquiring about hosting a joint event, please contact us.
To find out more join the VIC Chapter Linked In page-


Western Australia

Chapter President: Ben Johnson




The RMIA WA Chapter consists of deeply experienced professionals with expertise in risk, insurance and assurance across a range of industries and geographies. This makes the committee well positioned to partner with industry and other professional organisations and promote risk management as a source of strategic competitive advantage. In so doing, the WA Committee generates value for our members and partners.  

One of RMIA WA’s principal mechanisms to influence the risk management conversation in the state are our events. Key Chapter-managed activities on our calendar include our nationally hosted risk management Odyssey and the Senior Risk Leader Roundtable. The Odyssey is a one-day conference designed to bring together industries and sectors and generate leading practice insights in relation to the event theme. Topics covered by the WA Odyssey in previous years include

  • WA - State of Resilience (2015);
  • Is risk management art, science or witchcraft? (2016);
  • The Risk Function of the Future (2017 – Keynote Speaker was the Hon. Kim Beazley, current WA Governor)
  • “Taming cybersecurity (2018)”.

We also host the invitation-only Senior Risk Leader Roundtable. This event is specifically aimed at senior risk professionals, risk function owners and business leaders. It is designed to showcase the strategic value of the risk management conversation but also to address some of the key challenges the profession faces in an organisational context. Our inaugural event was held in 2017 focused on Integration of risk management and strategy. In 2018 we focused on the Impact of the Royal Commission into Financial Services on the risk management profession.

We partner with industry organisations to deliver a raft of technical events throughout the year and in so doing maximise the value of the RMIA membership for our members. We also support individual “how to” queries from members on a range of topics related to risk management.

The Chapter is volunteer-based, values diversity and is inclusive in its approach to recruiting committee members.

We look forward to meeting you.

RMIA WA Committee


New Zealand

Chapter President: David Robson