2018 Exam Dates:

CPRA: Locations TBC

23 May 2018 (All States)

19 September 2018 (All States)

CPRM: Locations TBC

13 June 2018 (All States)

26 September 2018 (All States)


RMIA Certification is the industry benchmark for recognising quality risk professionals. Knowledge is power and having the right qualifications, skills and experience can make the difference in today’s competitive employment market.

RMIA offers a range of opportunities for you to discover that will fast track your career, give you the industry qualifications you need and keep you up to date with the latest news, information and resources. Learn more about RMIA’s certifications and find one that is right for you.

Why Choose an RMIA Certification?

Certification as a Certified Practicing Risk Manager (CPRM®) or a Certified Practising Risk Associate (CPRA™) provides the following benefits

  • Demonstrates a members competencies in risk management, leading to enhanced career options and rewards
  • Provides employers with confidence that they are recruiting suitably qualified, skilled and competent applicants
  • Certified members stand out as a candidates for prospective employers and/or clients
  • Provides a pathway for career transitions in the management of risk
  • Assists members to achieve status and recognition amongst their professional peers
  • As the status of the risk profession increases members benefit from active promotion of their status as a quality professional

Like all professional certification schemes, RMIA’s scheme requires members to demonstrate:

  • An appropriate level of qualification
  • Relevant professional experience
  • Continued learning through continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Compliance with RMIA’s code of ethics