Certified Practising Risk Associate (CPRA™)

Certified Practising Risk Associate® – (CPRA®) (12 months+ experience in risk management)

  • Are you interested in a career in risk management?
  • Do you have 1-3 years’ experience in risk management?
  • Would you like to set yourself apart with a risk qualification?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider becoming a Certified Practicing Risk Associate® (CPRA®):

  1. Jump to the head of the queue when being shortlisted for jobs.  The CPRA provides the recognition and confirmation to potential employers that you have formal risk knowledge and training.
  2. The certification process confirms professional achievements. Earning the CPRA can assist you with preparing for positions of increasing responsibility or transition to a dynamic career in risk.
  3. CPRAs have access to continuing education and networking opportunities. CPRAs will join a unique community of like-minded professionals.
  4. Talk the same language. CPRAs will speak the same language as other risk professionals. The CPRA is a trusted process that ensures that only people who really understand and practice risk are certified.


The CPRA™ exam is offered three times per year in Australian capital cities. A pre-requisite of the CPRA® exam is either attending RMIA’s 2 day Management of Enterprise Risk course or recognition of prior learning (by RMIA approved institutions).

Certified Practicing Risk Associate – Proficiency Statement V1 6

As part of the examination process for CPRA™, candidates need to be familiar with RMIA’s Risk Management Body of Knowledge (RMBoK). Please review the documents below prior to the exam:

  1. Certification Candidates Examination Guide V2 5
  2. RMBoK Domain 1 – Communication and Consultation V2.3
  3. RMBoK Domain 2 – Establish the Context V2.3
  4. RMBoK Domain 3 – Risk Assessment V2.3
  5. RMBoK Domain 4 – Risk Treatment V2.3
  6. RMBoK Domain 5 – Monitoring and Reviewing V2.3
  7. RMBoK Domain 6 – Governance V1.8


CPRA: Locations TBC

26 September 2018 (All States)