What are the RMIA Certifications?

RMIA offers a comprehensive certification program for risk professionals of all education and skill levels. Our 3 Certifications are designed to display to employers and fellow Risk Professionals an outstanding excellence in a variety of levels of Risk Management.

The Certified Practising Risk Associate or CPRA™ (12 months+ experience in risk management)

The Certified Practising Risk Associate is designed for those with 1-3 years’ experience in risk management, the application of its principles and a working knowledge of the risk management framework.

Details of the pathways for attaining the CPRATM are available on the ___________ page of our website.

The CPRATM requires successful applicant to sit the exam. This exam is conducted three times per year in Australian capital cities. A Pre-requisite of the new CPRATM  is either attending RMIA’s 2 day Fundamentals of managing Risk course or recognition of prior learning (Approved by RMIA institute)

Certified Practicing Risk Associate – Proficiency Statement V1 6

The Certified Practising Risk Manager or CPRM (5+ years’ experience in risk management)

CPRM® certification has been developed to meet the demand for qualified risk professionals with a depth of relevant experience.  Organisations are placing greater reliance on having competent risk managers to guide the design and implementation of the risk management framework. A CPRM® is to have knowledge of how to integrate risk management into business processes and systems within an organisation.  Further, they need to demonstrate the application of risk across a broad range of risk management fields, for example, governance, people, customers and markets, operations, supply/procurement etc.

It is not a CPRM® Competency requirement to develop and implement risk management enterprise-wide or for a portfolio of projects, though it would be advantageous if a CPRM®candidate had this experience.

A pre-requisite of the new CPRM® exam is either attending RMIA’s 2 day Enterprise Risk Management course or recognition of prior learning (by RMIA approved institutions).

The Certified Chief Risk Officer or CCRO (5+ years’ experience in a senior risk role)

The CCRO has been developed as the next step for our CPRM’s as a way of encouraging our members to strive towards excellence and pursuing professional development. We are looking for Risk Managers who are influencing the evolution of an enterprise-level risk management framework (culture and process) in and organisation. A member who is eligible for the CCRO will be interacting with board or senior executive teams to review, monitor and leverage the strategic and operation management of risk.

To apply for CCRO you must have achieved the CPRM certification and filled in the online portfolio with supporting documents before approval is given by the RMIA assessment Panel.