Corporate Partnership

This scheme replaces the previous Corporate Membership scheme and is effective from 1 August 2014. Under its constitution Members of the RMIA are individuals within the risk management profession. However, many organisations pay Member subscriptions for their employees in order that they may benefit from the recognition and professional development offered by the RMIA. To encourage participation and membership the RMIA offers an incentive to groups of risk professionals within a single organisation.


Based on a volume discount of up to 50% on Subscriptions and up to 15% on Events dependent on the number of Members in the Partnership.

Band Members Subscription Discount % Event Discount %
1 2-5 5 5
2 6-15 10 5
3 16-30 20 10
4 31-50 30 10
5 51-100 40 15
6 101+ 50 15


A package of benefits individually tailored to the needs of the organisation.


Organisations may apply for a partnership by emailing stating the type of partnership preferred, if applicable their preferred band and a contact Liaison Member. Once the Partnership is approved the Liaison Member will be given an access code for all risk professionals within the organisation to join the partnership program via the membership portal on the RMIA web site. The RMIA will audit membership every 6 months and adjust Corporate Partnership Bands as required.