Our purpose is to promote recognition and reward for our Members and deliver:

  • Cutting edge education and professional development
  • Recognised certification of professional standards, competency and ethics
  • The opportunity to network with the Australasian and global risk management communities
  • Value added services which benefit Members’ careers, businesses and personal development

RMIA has four classes of membership:


A person working or interested in risk management.


A person who is a full or part time student at a recognised Australian educational institution interested in risk management and not in full time employment.


An individual, no longer working full-time, who is interested in risk management.

Life Member

A person who has rendered extraordinary service to the RMIA and profession of risk management over the years.

Membership Fees

Effective 1 August 2014 the RMIA will cease to charge a joining fee and subscriptions will fall due on the anniversary of becoming a member.


Valid for twelve months from the date of payment received.

Become a member
ClassSubscription (incl GST)Application Fee
CPRA Certification$115$330
CPRM Certification$240$330
CCRO Certification$330$660

Member Incentives

The RMIA has a target of 2,000 members by 1 August 2020. To encourage Members to assist with meeting this target the Board has approved the following incentives:


Student Membership

Students sponsored by a Member will receive a 50% discount on their annual subscription.