During this time, we know the health and safety of your staff and workplace is extremely important. No matter the industry you are in, the health and well-being of employers and their employees is something that the RMIA deeply cares about and wants to support. We have compiled several resources to support you during this time, and may assist you in navigating the organisation of alternate working environments such as working remotely. 

The Australian Government Department of Health also offers some fantastic and reputable resources which you can draw upon to stay updated during the pandemic. This includes: 

Daily Health Updates on COVID-19

Coronavirus Factsheet for Employers

Further Information for Employers 

Business & Employee FAQ's

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has published a guide specifically for employers on how to manage your workplace in the face of a pandemic. This downloadable guide walks employers through the their obligations in the workplace at this current time, and best practices to ensure the change in operations within the business is executed as smoothly as possible. 

Employer Guide - How to Manage your Workplace in the Face of a Pandemic