Become a member and gain tailored access to iluminr

Become a member and gain tailored access to iluminr

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To ensure, our members have access to the most recent and top of the market assets, RMIA has partnered with Catalyst Technologies to provide its members with free access to premium features in the world’s leading active threat monitoring platform.

About iluminr


iluminr Active Threat Monitoring

iluminr is the world’s leading risk technology solution that provides organizations with real-time threat intelligence by monitoring potentially disruptive events. It empowers risk professionals to successfully demonstrate their organization's ability to manage extreme weather hazards. By providing early warning alerts of escalating events, contextualized to the organization’s assets and operations, iluminr simplifies Climate Risk management for an increasingly volatile environment.

Key Features:

  • Asset Threat Monitoring

iluminr makes it easy to map an organization’s asset locations using ESRI maps. Live data feeds from leading local and global agencies to bring active monitoring to all unstable weather threats, contextualized against asset locations.

  • Contextual Threat Analysis

iluminr’s threat dashboard puts Risk Managers in control, enabling all threats to be contextualized to your organization’s risk thresholds.

  • Automate Alerts & Workflows

Demonstrate advanced situational awareness and rapid response capability through automated alerts and workflows. Real-time threat notifications empower Risk teams to get ahead of situations regardless of the timezone.

  • Climate Risk Governance, At It's Best

iluminr is fully integrated with the award-winning CQ crisis management platform, enabling risk professionals to take advantage of best practice in resilience and climate risk governance. Tried and tested turnkey solutions, iluminr and CQ provides organizations with the means to leverage technology and advance their maturity in climate risk management.


How RMIA members can benefit from ilumnir?

All RMIA members will gain:

  • a tailored and life-time free access to iluminr platform, with selected features available only to RMIE members!
  • 10% off for the first year Premium subscription, if purchased before 30 June 2021




Still not sure? As an RMIA member, on top of the free access to iluminr premium features, you can benefit from:

1.      Certifications

Industry recognized Risk Certification Accreditations [CPRA®, CPRM®, CCRO®].

2.      Professional Development

Events (Annual Conference, Risk Odyssey & Key Note Tours), short courses and programs. As a member, you get a considerable discount on course registration. Read more... 

3.      Networking and Mentoring

Greater connections and networking opportunities within State Chapters and also within the Asia Pacific region

4.      Resources

Exclusive resources such as webinars, whitepapers, e- magazine, best practices and industry guidelines



Once you become an RMIA member, you will gain access to Member-only resources, from where you can register for iluminr account with premium features.​


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