Risk Management software for Children’s Cancer Institute


Melbourne, 21st July 2014

When asked how Pan Software could charge the Children’s Cancer Institute for Risk Management software, Principal Consultant George Pantazis is succinct. In brief, they didn’t.

PAN Software received a web enquiry for a demonstration of riskcloud.NET from the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia (CCIA). After demonstrating the functionality, the CCIA were so impressed they immediately asked for a proposal. Much to CCIA’s amazement, the proposal contained all the modules required except the cost amounted to zero.

As a technology company, PAN believes it has the power of positive change in our world. We come into work each day with the aim of developing state-of-the-art software to help companies succeed. We hope by providing riskcloud.NET to CCIA it helps them harness the power of technology to do more good. PAN would like to share a subset of a letter we received from CCIA.

“We really appreciate your commitment to supporting our research and, most importantly, the advances that such support allow us to make in the treatment of childhood cancer. Thanks to supporters like you, since the early 1960’s when childhood cancer was almost uniformly fatal, survival rates for this disease have improved dramatically. Now, over 70% of children with cancer are cured of their disease. For many children diagnosed with high-risk malignancies, however, there is still a very significant likelihood that their treatment will be unsuccessful, and sadly they will relapse and die of their disease. To provide new hope for these children, and to significantly increase the overall survival rates for childhood cancer, new approaches to treatment are urgently needed…..Thank you once again for your support. It will go a long way towards supporting the ground-breaking and world class research work we continue to conduct.”

PAN Software is both excited and humbled that it can help CCIA deliver on its mission.

For more information on the Children’s Cancer Institute visit: www.ccia.org.au

For more information on riskcloud.NET visit: www.riskcloud.NET