The average piece of business advice to an executive takes about 8 hours of your and your team’s time to prepare and 15 minutes to deliver.

Those 15 minutes simply cannot be wasted.


RMIA is proud to bring the risk community Bryan Whitefield’s Persuasive Adviser Program, which has been delivered successfully to full-houses across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The Persuasive Adviser Program tackles the challenge risk advisers, practitioners and managers have with getting their message and key advice through to their stakeholders.

It will give risk practitioners all you will need to make the difference you know you can make, so you can create the change that is needed in your organisations.

Join the Persuasive Adviser Program to learn practical tools and techniques that will enable you to influence your stakeholders as a trusted Adviser and have a greater impact on outcomes.

Every attendee to the Persuasive Adviser Program will get a complimentary copy of Bryan Whitefield’s book, Winning Conversations: How to Turn Red Tape Into Blue Ribbon.


Please note that this course is now being delivered online. Attendees will receive a zoom invitation to participate in the 'face to face' aspect of the course online after registering. We can assure you that despite being online, Bryan provides a high-quality learning experience. To view testimonials on the success of Bryan's online RMIA tutorials CLICK HERE.

One of the most common complaints Bryan hears from internal advisers of all kinds (admin, finance, HR, IT, risk, compliance, procurement and audit as examples) is that it is often difficult to get some business leaders to listen to them and even harder to get them to act on their advice. He hears things like:

“Sometimes I feel like I am there just to keep them out of trouble with the boss, they don’t really see me as a key adviser.”

“It is because what I do is not sexy like sales or marketing (private sector)/like the Minister’s favourite program (public sector).”

“If I was the CEO they would sit up and listen!”

While all of these comments are examples of the challenges internal advisers need to overcome to cut through with their advice, they are not the cause. There is more going on.

For starters, most advisers have to be a corporate cop from time to time. They have to say to the business that certain policies, frameworks, and processes have to be followed. Worse still, sometimes advisors have to report a problem when the business has not done the right thing.

It then makes it very hard to turn around the next day and say to a business leader, "I am your trusted adviser on this and you should heed my advice."

The imperative for an internal adviser is to solve problems for your internal clients. The way to do that is to stand in their shoes, understand their problems, and deliver solutions.

Consider the trust scale in the diagram below. Are you seen as a controller, like a financial controller, or an expert? If so you are not having the impact you could, you are not making the difference you know you can make.






The Persuasive Adviser Program: How to turn red tape into blue ribbon will give you all you need to make the difference you know you can make, to get invited to provide your advice 5 or 10 times more than you are now so you can create the change that is needed. While it covers so many of the traditional elements of a trusted adviser program such as listening and influencing skills it has so much more.

Here is what you will learn in the program:

  • How best to stand in the shoes of your stakeholders and internal clients, including the executives and the board.
  • How to paint them a picture to clarify and engage.
  • How to use stories to connect and inspire.
  • How best to ensure you have so much credibility, they cannot help but follow your advice.

Underlying each of these is the MCI Decision Model that is the subject of Bryan's book DECIDE How to Manage the Risk in Your Decision Making. The model is the key that will help you to unlock the door to the decision-making processes of those you are advising so you can deliver the right message at the right time to get the right decision.

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