At the RMIA we are committed to serving our community of risk professionals, aiming to support you especially during this time of fluctuation and change. The RMIA seeks to provide this support through our library of resources that are a safety net for members of our community to fall back upon in order to maintain a thorough understanding of the pandemic and best practice. Ensuring you are up to date with medical progressions in this field, regulatory and legislative changes and important information for employers and workplace well-being are all priorities of the RMIA, and we present a collation of resources which aim to keep you updated on this. Some general resources which are particularly useful include: 

Daily Health Updates on COVID-19 - Department of Health 

General FAQ's on COVID-19 - Australian Medical Association

COVID-19 Information Dashboard - World Health Organisation

We are also excited to offer an exclusive member-only information portal with our partners Lexis Nexis, providing further resources on COVID-19 to assist you during this time. To access your exclusive resource library, please ensure you are logged into your account on the RMIA website and click here

Exclusive Partner Resource Library