RMIA introduces emergency management short courses

The Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA) has added to its program of short courses with a one-day seminar on emergency management.

The new courses will be conducted in Melbourne on March 4; Sydney on March 11; Perth on April 22; and Brisbane on May 8.

Course presenter David Martin, Managing Director of Sydney-based management consultancy DavRisk and Resilience Solutions, will skill participants on current procedures for dealing with emergencies.

The course will focus on assisting organisations to implement best practice in emergency management and evacuations from crisis events, for example, storms, floods, earthquakes, fires, lightning strikes, power supply outages and terrorist attacks.

“Emergency management is people oriented, and organisations must focus on staff, contractors, volunteers and anyone else for whom they may be responsible in a crisis event,” Mr Martin said.

“All organisations need emergency management and emergency response plans that comply with facilities management standards and must ensure people are trained and the plans tested regularly. Even organisations that consider they have state-of-the-art emergency management procedures can discover gaps in their thinking and can overlook important elements in our technology-driven world.”

Mr Martin said sound emergency management could save lives, protect assets and provide protection from adversity.

The advent of social media meant crises were more visible and organisations’ reactions to them were on prominent display.

The course will also cover integrating other phases of crisis management, including business continuity and disruption-related risk management.

The course is designed for HR managers, property and facility managers, crisis and business continuity professionals, work health and safety personnel, risk managers, senior managers and supervisors.

RMIA also hosts short courses on Fundamentals of Risk Management; Fundamentals of Risk Controls; Managing Project Risk; and Managing Fraud and Corruption Risks.

For more information or bookings go to Professional Development – Short Courses and choose your state.