RMIA is pleased to announce a new certification structure to be launched during 2015

We are pleased to advise of the exciting new developments in RMIA’s certification structure and the benefits it will bring to you and the profession.

RMIA’s new certification process reflects the evolving maturity of the risk management profession and the deeper recognition of risk management’s value within organisations. We have also taken into account feedback we have received from the membership, particularly from a survey we conducted in September 2014, and during the CPRM Masterclass at the National Conference in 2014.

The majority of members expressed that they see value in certification, but there was a perception that the existing structure of CRMT and CPRM certifications did not offer clear pathways for risk management practitioners to escalate their careers. As a result of this input, RMIA has now introduced three levels of certification – Certified Practising Risk Associate (CPRA); Certified Practising Risk Manager (CPRM); and Certified Chief Risk Officer (CCRO).

A full list of questions and answers on the new certification structure can be found on the RMIA website under the professional development and certification section.

A broader, industry-wide recognition and awareness of the certifications was also highlighted as a key concern for members and RMIA will soon launch an outreach campaign to promote the new certifications among employers and recruiters and thus raise awareness of the skills and competencies of risk managers at each of the three levels.