Gaining feedback from our attendees is extremely important to us, and greatly assist in allowing us to improve your professional development experience with the RMIA every time you choose us!

Hear from fellow risk professionals their thoughts of our Enterprise Risk Management Course which they completed 100% online: 

‘The way we could effortlessly and easily move into rooms to discuss issues in a smaller group and to undertake the exercises was really quite effective and broke up the nature of the course so it wasn’t all just having information told to us. I thought that worked quite effectively’ 
          - Gareth Sebar - Assistant Secretary: Risk and Claims Branch at Australian Government Department of Finance

‘It was very comprehensive, just the right amount of being casual and asking everyone for their questions, to break out rooms which were cool, so it wasn’t continuously monotonous with you talking and us listening. You guided us to keep our mind on the run, to actively think and share. I really also liked the opportunity to see what the other departments were doing, especially the Department of Home Affairs so that was very useful, as well as seeing the different sizes of organisations gave perspective on how risk is viewed and approached.’
       - Nisha Mohan: ACIC

‘It wasn’t only the theory, but the application across different organisations. So you didn’t walk away with just the view of how it works in your organisation, you saw how adaptable things were and how they worked across different organisations. In general, the whole concept of online learning is great. This is remarkably efficient and I for one am appreciative of the efforts being made of putting together a course like this, especially at short notice because of COVID-19 disruption.” 

- Mike Gouws: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

‘I loved how the pre-online course really broke down the standard for me. Any ISO document can be confusing in parts, but you put it in sensible terms and I could relate and see where that was happening in my organisation.’

- Simone Davey: JAZ-ANZ

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