Greetings All,

I appreciate that this will no doubt be one of numerous updates you are receiving via email regarding COVID-19 measures and thank you for taking the time to read it. Like you and your organisations, the RMIA is monitoring closely all of the latest health information to assess how we can continue to deliver professional development and support to our members in a safe and responsible manner. 

I would like to give you, our members an update on what the RMIA is doing to help dampen the spread of COVID-19. Our overriding consideration is the health and well-being of our members, staff, professional development trainers, and their families.  Indeed, it is our responsibility to act calmly, and consistent with the support of factual government and health authority advice.  The RMIA is fortunate in this instance, that our staff numbers are low and that we are able to allow flexible work arrangements. As such, you will continue to be able to contact our staff and most activities will continue as normal.

What will change is the delivery of some of our training options and events.  To ensure this consistency, we continue to review ongoing developments globally and within Australia in relation to COVID-19, and upcoming RMIA events and activities.

Many of our members organisations have banned for the foreseeable future non-essential group gatherings and are asking their staff not to attend external events.  We consider that the most appropriate action is to align with our member requirements with our upcoming face to face events.  As such, we are immediately moving to the provision of professional development training via live and interactive webinars.  We are also looking to maintain the same cadence of our previously planned state chapter events, however again these events will now be delivered via an interactive webinar format for the foreseeable future. 

Over the course of the past week we have conducted in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane COVID-19 / Pandemic Preparedness and Response Masterclasses.  Given that we have had overwhelming positive feedback on the value that participants have received from this training, we will be providing more of these sessions very soon but via a webinar format.    

Given the challenges that our organisations and communities are facing with the spread of COVID-19, now is the time for risk management professionals to step-up and exhibit courageous leadership for the organisations and communities which you support.  In accordance with what I have mentioned to you above, the RMIA is here to support you in rising to this challenge as risk management professionals and leaders as we provide you with continuity of our membership events and services. 

Kind regards,


RMIA CEO and Executive Director