Why get #risk certified if you know how to do your job?



Stand out from the Crowd


Certifications demonstrate your willingness as a candidate to take the extra mile, and do more than just your job. It shows you have earned the recognition of your profession through initiative, currency of knowledge, ability and determination.


 Show Your Value Through Certifications


By showing your skills are up to date you might be more in line for the next promotional progression in either your current role or for the next role. You are also showing your employer that you’re a valuable member of the team and that you’re willing to learn.


Additionally, you’ll be able to make a better argument for implementing the risk approaches that you want to introduce into your enterprise, both from a more informed platform and a position of prestige.


Market Yourself By Getting Certified


There is also the marketability factor. Certifications are a particularly unbiased barometer of your skills, and hold great appeal to current and future employers.


Stay Up-To-Date With Certifications


Certifications are an inexpensive way to show proof that you’re keeping your expertise current and up to date. You are maintaining and exceeding the industry’s measurement of knowledge.


Nothing will make you stand out to management like taking on additional education and getting business aligning certifications, especially if you are setting a new bar for the organisation.


Keep In Mind …


In summary, getting certified:

•Helps you stand out from the crowd

•Shows initiative when certifying is not required

•Separates you from peers

•Verifies to management that the certification provider is effectively validating your skills for them

•Keeps you valuable and marketable

•Raises management’s confidence level

•Shows that your skills are current

•Provides you with personal satisfaction that you’ve mastered new material


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