At RMIA, we are passionate about recognizing & empowering women in the Risk Management Industry and developing our future generation of female leaders. This year we celebrate International Women’s Day in a unique way with the #WomenInRisk initiative - a month-long program recognizing and giving voice to the Women in Risk!

We invite all women to join us in the #WomenInRisk program for a chance to be seen & heard and to provide inspiration to the entire Risk Management Industry. This is your time to shine!

We want to give all women a chance to Be seen & Be heard with the #WomenInRisk Program

Be seen & Be heard

We want to give you a chance to Be seen & Be heard and therefore, we ask all women in the Risk Industry to record a short video sharing your perspectives about being a #WomanInRisk and send it to us.

We have chosen the top 5 most impactful videos to share with you today. These winning videos were sent to us by:

·       Amy Daley, Risk and Assurance Manager at PKF

·       Liz Johnson, Program Leader Strategic Resilience at City of West Torrens

·       Dr Jolene Morse, Director, Financial Services at E&Y

·       Donna Spethman, General Manager - Governance & Member Services at UniSport Australia

·       Anita Menon, Chief Risk Officer at Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad

To our 5 winners - our heartiest congratulations as well as gratitude for inspiring all of us in the risk management industry! Our winners will also receive copies of the book "Dare to Lead", by Berne Brown.




Watch the winning video




1.       How long does the video have to be?

Keep it short & sweet – maximum 1 minute.

2.       What should I talk about in the video?

Tell us your name and job title first.

You are then free to share your perspectives about being a #WomenInRisk. To help guide your thoughts, here are a few topics to consider (since we are looking for short videos, pick just 1 topic),

a.       What does it mean for you to be a woman in the risk industry?

b.       Share your recipe for resilience in challenging situations.

c.       How do you think women could help other women in the industry?

3.       In which position shall I record my video?

Please record your video in landscape position (horizontal).

4.       By when should I send in my video?

We will accept submissions till 5 pm on 15 March, 2021.

5.       Where should I send in my video?

To send us your video, upload your file to and send it to

6.       Can I use my phone to record the video?

Yes! Just make sure you record in the vertical orientation.

6.       What are the prizes to be won?

The 6 most impactful videos will be featured on a compilation video on the RMIA website on International Women’s Day. These 6 women will also win the book Dare to Lead by Brené Brown – an insightful read on developing brave leaders and courageous cultures.

7.       Consent agreement

By sending your video to us you provide consent to us for sharing your name, video and other information on our website and on social media.