RMIA Membership

The Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA) is the leading professional institution and industry association for Risk Managers in the Asia Pacific region.  We have a rich thirty-year pedigree in servicing the professional development needs of our membership base which spans both private and public enterprise, as well as all major sectors of the economy.

Our Purpose is to promote recognition and reward for risk management professionals and deliver to our members:

  • Cutting edge education and professional development,
  • Recognised certification of professional standards, competency and ethics,
  • The opportunity to network with the Australasian and global risk management communities,
  • Value added services which benefit members careers, business and personal development.

Our mission at the RMIA is to lead the risk management field in striving for excellence in the profession, setting high standards for professional competencies and acting as a guiding body for industry regulations, competencies and ethics.

Our vision at the RMIA is to work towards strengthening the network of Risk Professionals in the Asia Pacific region, ultimately seeking to encourage greater professional development, education opportunities and career progression opportunities for our members.

By becoming a member of the RMIA, you become a part of an expansive network of risk professionals, giving you access to

  • Greater connection and networking opportunities not only within State Chapters but also within the Asia Pacific region,
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities including chapter and national events, such as the Annual Conference, Risk Odyssey Conferences and State Chapter networking events,
  • Professional Development, short courses and programs, such as the Enterprise Risk Management Course and Mastering Risk Workshop Facilitation which are now available for complete online delivery,
  • Industry recognized Risk Certification Accreditations [CCRO, CPRM, CCRA]
  •  Further exclusive resources such as webinars, whitepapers, e-magazine, COVID-19 resources and partnered content accessible only to RMIA members,
  • Best practice and industry guidelines such as access to the latest ISO Standards, essential to risk certification accreditation and necessary to ensure a high-quality understanding of advanced risk frameworks and methodologies.

The RMIA approaches the risk profession not as solely managing and minimizing risk, but taking a contemporary view of the role of risk professionals being a core part of an organizational leadership team and playing a key role assisting organizations to shape their strategy and seize growth opportunities.  

RMIA memberships are individual memberships which are renewed on an annual basis. 

For more information and to become a member of the RMIA, please click the button below.